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CNC Productions invoices on a daily basis in either half day or full day increments.  Many positions require a full day rate while others are at a half day minimum.  A full day allows for up to 10 hours of work (including meal break) while a half day is 5 hours.  Position rates cover a range of pricing typically dependent on scope of job and technical requirements.  As always, CNC will work to ensure that your labor needs are met AS IS YOUR BUDGET.  If you have specific concerns, just ASK!

Audio Mixing Console
  • Straight Time: Our published rates are in effect daily (except holidays), from 6:00 a.m. until midnight.

  • Overtime: Charged at 1.5 times hourly rate on any job exceeding 10 hours on a FULL DAY schedule.

  • Double Time: Charged at 2 times hourly rate on any job exceeding 15 hours and every hour thereafter.

  • Overnight Time: Charged at 1.5 times hourly rate from midnight to 6:00 a.m.  

  • Holiday Time: Charged at 1.5 times hourly rate on any of the CNC recognized holidays.


  *Recognized holidays include all federally recognized holidays.

  *A service and insurance surcharge of 5% to 12% is added to all invoices contingent upon size and scope of job.

   For a comprehensive Terms & Conditions agreement as well as a rate sheet, just CONTACT US!!!

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Need more information or want to get started?  Feel free to give us a call now.  We can set up your account in just a few minutes.  Our people make the difference and we are ready to get to work!

If you are ready to make payment of an invoice or deposit, just click "Pay".  Please note, there is a 3.5% surcharge for the processing of credit card payments.

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