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CNC Productions offers a wide variety of technical support that encompasses all areas of an AV production event.  We only provide those support people who are trained and excel in their chosen area of expertise.  Typically, our rates correspond with the ability and skill set inherent with each position.  CNC will consistently work with you to ensure our services meet your budgetary guidelines and will assist you as requested on appropriate labor requirements.

All Expertise Evaluated

No one on our crew will make it to your job site until fully screened for their skillset.  We will NOT "cattle call" for your event. We take great pride in the talent on our roster and we know you'll see the difference!

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Loaders & Pushers are the part of your crew that will work to move equipment to or from delivery trucks to the proper space in the venue.  They are typically charged at a half day rate although at times might also serve in an AV tech position if qualified. 


Stagehand positions on your crew are where a lot of the work gets done.  This includes carpenters, utility hands and those who handle much of the assembly / dismantling responsibilities.


AV Technicians are the people that possess a basic level of knowledge about their trade.  They have had some formal training and can work autonomously as needed.  Basic audio and video technicians, assistant technicians and lighting operators would be included here and are often utilized within a breakout room environment.


Similar to the basic AV Technician, the Line Tech has a more advanced level of knowledge and is capable of more extensive work within their chosen specialty.  Often times designated as A2 (Audio Assistant) or V2 (Video Assistant), these folks work directly with the position engineers to ensure successful completion of the set or strike


Engineers are the top level technical people on the job.  They possess an extensive amount of knowledge within their field and the ability to troubleshoot and operate autonomously in any scenario.  This would include Lighting Engineers (L1), Video Engineers (V1), Audio Engineers (A1), Projectionists, Camera Operators and Graphics Operators. 


Pro Leads are the folks that help bring the entire job together.  Usually reserved for jobs on a larger scale, they act as on site coordinators of labor and facilitate where needed to keep operations running smoothly.  These positions include Crew Chiefs and Stewards.

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